Staff Facilitated Programs…

Expand Your Horizons At Camp.

Group Programs at Paradise Springs are available for young and old alike. All are lead by our well trained staff and provide safe, fun, and educational experiences for guests. These programs may be scheduled for guest groups of 12 or more persons, and are offered in several areas of concentration.

Outdoor Science Education

This is science education you can’t find anywhere in the urban sprawl. By “Outdoor” we mean much more than your local park. We mean the “great” outdoors, up in the mountains, within and around our freshwater creeks, our huge trees, and hands-on with the earth of the canyon wall. Outdoor science programs are available for students from 4th though 9th grades, and are designed to help teachers reinforce California state science standards.

Contact us by email or telephone to learn more about our outdoor science programs for schools.

Teambuilding and Ropes Programs

Getting your group to work together as a team doesn’t seem as if it should be rocket science, but sometimes it can seem that way. Our teambuilding and ropes course progressions challenge groups to develop skills in leadership and communications. The ropes course offerings provide plenty of physical challenge and personal growth opportunities along with plenty of adrenaline rushes. Rappelling off natural rock faces, walking across air on steel ropes set along the tops of our towering trees, and zip-lining back to the valley floor…this is the kind of heart-pounding fun that can’t be found in town.

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Evening Programs

When the day is nearly done, but you still have some energy left, it is perhaps time for a guided evening activity. How about a night hike to discover what’s out there after twilight? Or a hike to look farther afield, up into the blazing stars of the night sky. We have so much to offer…including entertaining campfire programs and wide games.

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Cultural History Programs

Take part in immersive living history sessions and experience life as an early California pioneer or learn about the skill and technologies of California’s native peoples.

Outdoor Skills

Develop your wilderness skills and learn to be safe in the out of doors. Skill sessions are offered in land navigation, wilderness survival, basic fishing, crew cooking, hiking safety, leave no trace, and introductory backpacking.