Evening Programs

Night Hike

Enjoy a hike at night! Learn about the nighttime life around the camp and do some fun experiments.  Listen to the insects, the water flow, and the nocturnal animals as we investigate what goes on at night.


Have you ever pondered the universe?  How is a star formed?  What is a shooting star?  Why do stars twinkle?  Find out the answers to these and many other questions as we walk under a night sky unpolluted by city lights.

Beginning at dusk we walk from front campus to our water tower. Once the sun has set and the stars are out, watch and listen as our outdoor educators take you star hopping. Learn the constellations while we play connect the dots through the universe. After the program you can turn on your flashlights for a safe and easy hike back to camp.

Predator / Prey

The ultimate game of flashlight tag. Learn about animal relationships and the cycle of life with this fun interactive game of tag.  Make sure your flashlight has good batteries, or YOU will become the prey.

Mountain Man Tall Tales

Gather around the campfire, young and old.  Recount the wild tall tales of a mountain man dressed in full buckskins and toting primitive weapons.

Listen to the true stories of a mountain man from the 1830′s (or so he says!).  Sing along as he plays the banjo and guitar.

This hilarious, interactive, entertainment-quality program is a sure-fire, rootin’, tootin’ good time for all…a great way to end an evening.

Native American Story-Telling

Grizz night shot at Paradise Springs BRC
Grizz (short for “Grizzly Bear Toe-Walker”) is a Cherokee/Muskogee Indian who offers an evening of music and story-telling around the night campfire.

Learn about Native traditions and how the elders passed down history and events through story-telling.

Listen as he plays traditional Native drum and flute, while singing and dancing in full Cherokee garb.



Why let professional actors have all the fun?  Enjoy laughs for days to come with this improv night on the stage!  Each group of amateur actors will be given improvisational scenarios to put into their skit.  Hosted by a staff member, this activity puts the fun and challenge and ownership of performing into the hands of the audience.