Educational Adventures

Not all education comes from books and classrooms!

If you want to see your group members’ true character, these are the courses to take.


Teambuilding2How do you act, react or interact within a group facing challenges?  Learn more about yourself and your team members as you are put through a series of team-building activities that will challenge you both physically and mentally.  Learn to communicate more effectively, learn cooperation and compassion, and learn how to commit to goals.

TeambuildingHelp your group to form lasting bonds through this physically and mentally challenging program. Watch as your group progresses through a series of challenges that require the effort of the whole team to find success.  Between activities you will participate in discussions about the characteristics of an effective team, good communication, what leadership is, and the importance of each role within the team.

This program is a must for student leadership groups, sports teams, and professional development.

Note: We strongly encourage that groups that wish to do the more intense activities, schedule the Teambuilding course first for maximum benefit.  Due to the chalenging nature of some of the Adventure programs, only a maximum number of participants are permitted per scheduled course.  Pleas speak with the Adventure Program Director if you have any questions or special needs.

Map and Compass

  • Learn the basics of using a map and a compass:
  • Identify different types of maps
  • What they are used for
  • Dialing in and walking a bearing

Then put those skills to a test with our orienting course on the grounds

Creek Ropes

This course is designed for little adventurers who want to do similar activities of the Low Ropes Course like their older siblings.

The Odyssey Adventure

This course combines map and compass skills with Teambuilding into half-day or full-day adventure.  Follow the clues and compass bearings as you attempt to accomplish group challenges along the way. This is an incredible team building tool that adds an adventure aspect not found in most team building classes. Try the Odyssey Adventure challenge with your group and see how well you do! Grade 6 and up.

Adventure Course

This “Indian Jones-style” adventure is a combination of a hike, a plant and animal lesson and the Low Ropes Course over our creek.

Here you will work together overcome fears by utilizing trust, communication, and teamwork.  Group safey and responsibility, support, and spotting techniques are emphasized and encouraged.

Caution: you may get a little dirty and wet.