Outdoor Education

Outdoor Science Education

Paradise Springs, BRC has provided quality outdoor education programs to schools in Southern California for more than 30 years. Our outdoor education program offerings are available for students from 4th through 9th grades and reinforce California state educational standards.

We have 8 Science courses available now:

  • Adaptive Ecosystems
  • Ecosystems
  • Pond and Insect Study
  • Plant Study
  • Geology Hike
  • Pioneer Skills

All God’s Creatures: Animal Study

Wild Fox at Paradise SpringsShhhhhh…., don’t scare the animals!!! Join us on this silent observational hike where you will learn how to observe animals in nature without disturbing them.

Hands-on and in-depth activities teach students how to track animals and to recognize adaptations and strategies animals make that enable them to survive in their habitats.

Students learn about the Energy Cycle and its effect on ecosystems and the animals that live in an ecosystem.

Howdy Buzzworm

A hands-on course on reptiles and some of the more dangerous species of the high desert.  Handle and learn about snakes, lizards and scorpions.  Learn how these creatures live and adapt to the desert environment.  Are they helpful or harmful…or both?

By the way, a “buzzworm” is an old western term for a rattlesnake.

Down at the Waterin’ Hole: Pond and Insect Study

Pond StudyArmed with nets and magnifying glasses, students will explore Paradise Spring’s ponds and streams, searching for the single largest group of living creatures on earth.  The will make direct correlations between the health of a pond and the bugs that live in it.

Students will gain the knowledge of: the water cycle, the pond as an ecosystem, the importance of wetlands.

Insects at Paradise Springs
Students will also explore all of the marvelous colorful insects found at Paradise Springs; the insect’s life cycles, body parts, and adaptation strategies.

Amazing Plants

Amazing trees at Paradise Springs BRCParadise Springs has a unique location where 3 of the 6 Merriam Life Zones exist, from chaparral through mixed conifer forests can be observed.  You will enjoy a hike around campus, stopping along the way to learn about different classifications of plants, plant parts, seed dispersal systems, uses for native plants, and plant identification.

Learn to see the subtle differences in plants…and how the process of photosynthesis plays in during this exploration utilizing the different ecosystems here at Paradise Springs.

Giant Rock Pile Geology Hike

Devils Punchbowl PearblossomA study of the dynamic systems of mountain building forces such as tectonic plate movement, which shape and build our local mountains.  Hike along Devil’s Punchbowl fault line and examine, identify, and discuss erosion processes, folding and lifting, plate tectonics, and different types of rocks.

Along our journey up the geology trail you will see an ancestral fault line of the San Andreas, search for fossils, and explore ancient sandstone formations.

By seeing these examples first-hand in the field, students get a more complete awareness of the Rock Cycle and the processes behind Geology.

Native American Skills

Learn skills that Native Americans from this region used in their daily lives.  All activities are hands-on and interactive, such as making Yucca soap and Yucca rope, face painting, hunting techniques, games, and story telling, and Native American singing and dancing.

In this program you will make pemmican (a nourishing snack used by many Native Tribes), use natural dyes for your own mini cave painting, view and handle an authentic arrowhead collection, throw tomahawks, and  play blanket ball (a variation on a native field game). This course is for children from 8 to 80.

Blazing Pioneer Skills

Blazing Pioneers at Paradise Springs BRCThis course gives students a historical glimpse into what life was like on the frontier.  Imagine having to make your own candlelight and rope you would have needed, or making functional items out of wood.  Students try their hand as games played in the the olden days and learn how to throw a real tomahawk!

Call or email us to discuss more on any of these classes, when they are offered, and what EEI requirements they satisfy.