Meeting Spaces

Get the Gang Together – All in One Place

It’s typical for church groups, scouting groups, YMCA and others need a place to gather, either indoors or outdoors. Paradise Springs provides 3 outdoor meeting areas and 1 indoor meeting area.

Outdoor Meeting Areas

We encourage our guests to spend as much time in the out of doors while at camp as possible, after all, that’s the reason so many folks make the trip up canyon to visit.

Under the Tent Top.

Outside DiningThis  large covered tent area seats 150 people and doubles as our breakfast/lunch area, but is very accommodating to large meeting groups.  It’s completely covered to shade the attendees or keep the rain off.

110 V a/c outlets are available for your projector, laptops, screens, etc.

The Stage Area

Stage Area YMCA Dads This is a great area to use for class times, skit presentations, church meetings, and awards ceremonies.

Folding chairs are available to set up, but we recommend you try the grass, it’s quite comfy!



Fire Pits

Stage area in Tipi VillageStage area 2

Two Fire pit areas are great for day or night group meetings in the Tipi Village area.

The larger one (here) seats about 50 people.  The smaller one seats about 25.




Peacock Lodge

Peacock LodgePeacock Lodge is an indoor meeting room with a capacity of 60 to 75 persons.

During the winter it double as a dining area for our cabin retreat guests.

Extra seating for 30 is available immediatly outside on a covered deck. Peacock lodge is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.