Tents & RV’s

Tent Camping and RV Spots

Remember camping with your family as a kid?  Of course you do– the smell of woodsmoke, the barbeques, the excitement, making new friends, and more.  Perhaps you also have a few less pleasant memories from those camping trips too: mosquitoes, no showers, dirty campfire pits, pit latrines, and loud teenagers in the next site. You won’t find any of that unpleasantness at Paradise Springs!

Tent w family
Creekside Family tent camping is popular on summer weekends at camp.  Tent campers enjoy easy access to the pool, clean restrooms with hot showers, miles of hiking trails, and lots of activities for the kids.

Tent town on a busy day


Tent areas are shaded by our tall pines and creekside cottonwoods. Picnic Tables and Grills are located near camping areas, and you are welcome to bring your own BBQ equipment.


tent - setting up



Oh, and forget the mosquitoes. Our water is so pure and runs so fast, they can’t find anyplace to breed.  So you can put your tent down right next to, and listen to, the serene babbling brook all night. Very Nice!

Tent w vehicle, tipi and fire-ring


If you think your backyard firepit is large, compare with any one of ours!

Our big pits mean marshmallows and hot dogs are finished faster.  And, yes, we sell the firewood, too, at a very reasonable price, just to make it convenient for you.

RV's are welcome


Does someone in your group have an RV? They can park it here. We have a number of RV sites available with 110v outlets and water hookups.