Our Cabins Allow For Comfy Camping

For those groups who would like their camping adveture at camp to be a little on the cushy side, our cabins provide the perfect answer. Cabin rentals are popular with adult retreat groups and of course keep your youth group members warm at night during your winter adventures.

Noah’s Ark

You are in for a bit of history if you stay in this cabin.  Paradise Springs was once a favorite hang-out of the Hollywood stars.  Charlie Chaplin built the very unique staircase in Noah’s Ark. When you walk up and bump your head, you will realize just how short Charlie was.

The cabin has beds for 12 people, has 2 bathrooms, a living room with  fireplace, a kitchen, and a large second story deck out the back.

Good Seed

The Good Seed400

The Good Seed cabin features a large living room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms with bunk beds, 2 bathrooms, and a full kitchen. This cabin is conveniently located near to the Peacock lodge meeting hall and the camp kitchen and dining area.

Joshua’s and Jordan’s

Accommodations - Joshua and Jacob

These modern bunkhouses share a large wooden deck. They can be reserved separately, but work well together for youth groups where boys and girls require separate sleeping areas. Joshua’s (on the left) has 14 beds, Jordan’s (to the right) has 8 beds. Jordan’s cabin also contains a kitchenette.

Each of these cabins has a bathroom with shower.

Daniel’s Den Bunkhouse

Daniel's Den400
This bunkhouse was built in the 1920’s and made of adobe brick. It sleeps 12 people, and has two bunkrooms and a bathroom.